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Tracy Hardy, from Wattleseed Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing, is a licensed We Al-li Sovereign Business Lead Facilitator for the Workshops below. Please don't hesitate to contact Tracy to discuss your workshop requirements.

Tracy Hardy is active in her pursuit to continuously deepening her knowledge and facilitation skills in Culturally Responsive Trauma Integrated Care, Practice and Healing approaches.

Tracy has participated in:
- A Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Trauma Care and Recovery Practice,
- Professional Development Workshops,
- An Intensive in Narrative Therapy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Workers as well as
- A single unit University Course in Trauma Integrated Practice with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Tracy integrates all these learnings with We Al-Li Program® Facilitator Trainings and Mentorship Model; and is proud to be a Licensed Lead Facilitator under We Al-Li Programs® Sovereign Business Model for the workshops below.

This is about creating Culturally Responsive & Respectful Healing Environments

Want to access We Al-li Programs® incredibly transformative workshops?

Looking to expose your staff to a customised deep professional development journey?

Consider one of the following workshops developed by Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson AO and Associate Professor Caroline Atkinson PhD, that Wattleseed Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing are licensed to deliver. All Facilitators with Wattleseed Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing are qualified and accredited Health Practitioners / Indigenous Healing Practitioners

Trauma Training Workshops

Our Training Workshops offer a complete package of multi-skilling participants to effectively meet the demands of working with communities today.

Our Educational Approach provides participants the personal support needed while developing strong theory to practice professional skills. The programs offered by We Al-li are unique in that they are informed by the stories of Aboriginal Australians and utilise traditional Indigenous healing work combined with a western trauma informed and trauma specific approach to individual, family and community recovery.

Our Programs can be run as single workshops or run consecutively up to three modules at a time. Call us now to find out how we can support your organisation with a new way to grow”.

Remember, if you are wanting one of the other workshops that we aren’t yet licensed to deliver. Visit We Al-Li Programs to see the diversity of what they offer.

About These Courses

“We Al-li Community and Workplace Workshops are an Indigenous Therapeutic response to Individual, Family and Community pain that many People carry as part of their Life Experience.

For Aboriginal Peoples, this pain is more specifically defined as the traumatic impacts of the multiple intergenerational experiences of colonisation resulting in ill-health, individual, family and community dysfunction (dys – Latin from the Greek dus meaning painful or difficult functioning).

We Al-li specifically meets this need through tailored workshops that are trauma informed in their design and trauma specific in their delivery. This training provides key approaches to setting up and maintaining trauma-informed organisational structures.

Becoming trauma-informed allows us to deeply consider policy development and trauma specific work practice and service care strategies to more realistically meet the needs of affected people and communities. Our workshops are built on the principles of integrating Indigenous cultural processes of education, conflict management, and personal/social healing with Eastern and Western therapeutic skills for trauma recovery within an action based experiential learning practice.

What Will These Courses Do For Me?

  • Provides a culturally relevant, trauma informed and trauma specific safe teaching learning experience
  • Develops superior levels of confidence and ability to work in diverse and difficult situations
  • Provides community based training linked to specific community needs
  • Strengthens relationships between individuals, families, communities and workforce skills
  • Fosters abilities and competence in the process of working with groups and communities in distress

~ Connect with us to register your interest in participating in We Al-Li Programs® Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Workshops ~ 

Dadirri: Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness Program

Trauma Informed Care & Practice: An Indigenous Approach To Developing Worker Skills

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