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Ancient Aboriginal Mindfulness Traditions

Tracy is active in her pursuit to continuously deepen her knowledge and skills in Indigenous Facilitation Practice in the trauma healing space, participating in professional development workshops, university single course units and We Al-Li's mentorship model. Under this model Tracy is working to progress from a We Al-Li Facilitator In Training to Co-Facilitator to Lead Facilitator. 

Our Dadirri Events will be a powerful fusion of We Al-li's Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach model (CITIHA) and Wattleseed Health, Nutrition and Wellbeing's unique practice, skills, knowledges and offerings.

This is about creating Culturally Safe & Respectful Healing Environments

Our Dadirri Events will draw on We Al-Li's culturally responsive trauma specific tools and their ‘Educaring’ model, as well as Deep Listening, Traditions, Nutrition and Therapeutic Practices. They will be facilitated through experiential processes, such as art, bodywork, music, storytelling and reflective discussions, providing individuals, organisations, schools and community groups with a unique and culturally centred skill development and learning experience.

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