Partner with Wattleseed Nutrition for Energetic, Culturally Consonant Nutritional Knowledge

Tracy will support you and your Business, Organisation, Community Group, Students and/or School.

Achieve your Nutritional, Cultural, Health and Wellbeing aspirations and goals.

  • Corporate Workshops
  • Community Workshops
  • Research and Development
  • Traditional Food & Botanicals Products
  • Promotional Events
  • Website Content and Social Media

As an experienced Guest Speaker for Team Talks, Community Forums to Keynotes and more Tracy Hardy comes with a dedicated Culturally-centred, Holistic and Sustainable Lens.

She masterfully and respectfully blends our modern-day lifestyle with Traditional Knowledges across many spaces and mediums:

  • Festivals + Shows
  • Corporate + Community Groups
  • Organisations
  • Government Organisations
  • Sporting Organisations
  • Schools & Homeschool Groups


Make workplace wellbeing education relevant and FUN! Our speaking engagements, webinars, onsite/virtual nutrition workshops and seminars are designed to elevate employee health, mental health, and productivity.

Make Workplace Wellbeing Education Relevant and FUN! 

You won’t find any boring lectures or overly complicated nutrition information that busy employees or those that struggle with their health will find difficult to implement.

Instead, we pride ourselves on two-way sharing, confidence building and creating communities of care within the workplace. You can count on us for simplified, sustainable, down-to-earth ideas that support the health and wellbeing of both your employees and our collective Mother Earth.



With years of experience, Tracy ensures the creation of safe, healing, including and fun spaces to gather, meet, sit down together for shared learnings in between and around the workshop group.

Wherever possible, Tracy facilitates workshops in Circle, illustrating the interwoven nature and strength of stories. Sitting in Circle also allows for expression of sacredness and connection within the mind, body, and emotions.

A Brave Space without Hierarchy 

It's about building capacity, igniting inspiration, empowerment and open conversations. We might find ourselves sitting in Circle in nature, having a yarn and learning together with shared food and knowledge.



Integrating nutrition for skin with key nutrients and lifestyle factors to support a glowing skin.

Supporting our Skin with Inner
+ Outer Knowledge

Learn how to use our traditional native bushfoods to support your skin from within and how these key ingredients can support you from the outside as well.

Integrating wellbeing, self-care rituals, mindfulness and connection to our Earth with nutrition and dietetics. I believe that through sharing knowledge we foster understanding and grow stronger in self, mind, body and spirit. 



Tracy is an experienced Guest Speaker for Conferences, Team Talks,  National & Community Forums and Keynotes.

With a drive to contribute to positive change and the self- determination of traditional food systems and self-determined nutritional health and wellbeing for First Nations Peoples of Australia.

Tracy strives to connect, educate, inform, ignite and inspire audiences at all types of events so that they are empowered to take action.

Motivated by her passion to empower future Health Professionals to be positive change agents, commit to respect and partnerships, practitioner self-reflection, cultural humility, and culturally safe and responsive care.

Tracy places emphasis on the importance of working as interdisciplinary teams, fostering practitioner-client and community trust. 



Growing up with a paddock to plate experience, with a budget conscious mum who cooked everything from scratch and was also a shearers cook, Tracy finds immense joy from engaging and inspiring others to practice deep listening in the kitchen, building upon their existing knowledges and supporting them in having autonomy of their health and wellbeing.

Let’s make your Food Brand the Go-to Resource for the Everyday Cook!

Tracy delights in creating delicious, nutritious, and sustainable recipes, testing them repeatedly until they are just right, engaging First Nations businesses to style them beautifully and take stunning photos.

At Wattleseed Nutrition, we are skilled at collaborating with brands to make healthy food and nutrition ideas a reality. Let’s make your food brand the go-to resource for the everyday cook! If you’re a company, health service, school or community organisation looking for original, nutritious recipes infused with Sovereign native foods of Australia, Wattleseed Nutrition is a one stop shop.


PHOTO CREDIT: Claudine Thornton Creative

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