“We blend modern Permaculture Design Principles, Community and Public Health Nutrition, and Nutrition Counselling, Science and Therapies with Indigenous Knowledges and Philosophies to deliver a unique, inclusive and empowered learning experiences.”

Yaama Maliyaas! My name is Tracy, I’m a Gamilaroi descendent and Founder of Wattleseed Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing, a wholly Indigenous owned and operated business based on Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Country, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

"I share the importance of gut health, traditional native bushfoods and healing therapies and their role in nutritional and total health and wellbeing."

We hope to fuel wonder! We seek to support you with any health and wellbeing intentions you may have set yourself and provide suggestions on where to source information. This will allow us to deepen our appreciation and understandings as well as expand our worldviews.

Let's yarn and learn together through my personalised, holistic and culturally-centred approach to food, food environments, meal patterns, eating habits, health and wellbeing. 

“Delivering a unique, inclusive and empowered learning experiences.”


Hi, I’m Tracy, I am a freshwater woman, with a matrilineal line of descent to the Barwon River region in North-West New South Wales.

I was born and raised on Kooma Country, in a remote, riverside country town in South-West Queensland and have been fortunate to call Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Country on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, home since 2007.



Allow me to guide us together in immersive and connective experiences

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This is such an important healing modality for me to help share the innate connections First Nations Peoples of Australia have with Country and how to care for it.

Together we can make a difference as agents of positive change. This is a really powerful connective process.

"Here we feel our minds, bodies, Spirit and Country come together."

You will be introduced to the 14 Wayapa Elements to help deepen our connection with Mother Earth.

This will be interwoven with discussions around sustainable development goals and sustainability. This can include food waste, food systems, seasons and the human impact on our environment.



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To express the desire to know something.
To be curious and enthusiastic.
To admire and be amazed.
To marvel.

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