Wayapa Wuurrk

"A way to grow a collective consciousness and connection to our collective Mother Earth which is where our food comes from, and to where we are not separate from."

Wayapa® Wuurrk, for us at Wattleseed Nutrition, is about reconnecting and returning to the connection between our Bodies and collective Mother Earth. 

Wayapa is a holistic wellness and healing movement based on ancient Indigenous wisdoms. When we speak about Wayapa it draws upon how we can grow a collective consciousness and connection to our Earth, which is where our biodiversity, ecosystems and food systems exist. It is where we can learn from and for, that we are not separate from Earth.

There is a real concern at the moment around our current agricultural systems not being able to sustain our population by 2050. As a society many of us are disconnected from our food and where it comes from and as a result the wellbeing of our minds, body, Spirit and Country are being impacted.

This is such a potent healing modality

This is such an important healing modality for us to help share the innate connection that First Nations Peoples of Australia have with Country and how to care for it.

It also teaches us as a society that we can come together to make a difference through positive change.

It is a really powerful, healing and connective process.

Journey Together

"...this has truly been an emotional experience"

"...there was a moment there where I started to feel the release of a big lump in my throat"

We can all contribute to our Planetary Health

Most of us are familiar with the widely known 4 Ancient Elements: Earth, Water, Air & Fire but Wayapa® takes us even deeper into 14 Elements.

These help us to really connect, embody and become an intrinsic part of the ecosystem that we live in as we contribute to planetary health.

Planetary Health defines the health of our planet and us as one in a symbiotic relationship, and that is what our sharing of this amazing healing modality is all about. Oneness.

In order to understand this we need to be connected to it and feel it, know and care for it. That is why each of these 14 Wayapa Wuurrk Elements help us to connect to our beautiful ecological system that makes up our global planet, health and environment that we share in.

"This is where we feel our minds, bodies, Spirit and our Country come together"

Allow Tracy to guide your on an immersive connective experience together.

You will be introduced to the 14 Wayapa Elements, discussing sustainability and sustainable development goals, food waste, food systems, biodiversity, ecosystems, seasons, human impact on our environment and deepening our connections with Mother Earth.

All this along with facilitation of a Wayapa Movement and/or Visualisation Meditation.