Trauma Informed Care & Practice: An Indigenous Approach To Developing Worker Skills

Trauma Informed Care & Practice: An Indigenous Approach To Developing Worker Skills


Trauma Informed Care & Practice: An Indigenous approach to developing worker skills © copyright We Al-li 2011 – 2021. This training provides key approaches to setting up and maintaining trauma-informed organisational structures.

Becoming trauma-informed allows us to deeply consider policy development and trauma specific work practice and service care strategies to more realistically meet the needs of affected people and communities.

About the artwork: The art shows that with cultural tools and reconnecting within ourselves as a part of and with nature (environment) we can recycle our energies. With understanding comes growth and strength, enabling recovery approaches to healing.

This cycle can be a life long journey which is represented by the circles, which in turn represent the way in which Indigenous healing is achieved, like the seasons, life cycles and learning.

© Artwork and narration by Christopher Edwards- Haines

Training Brief

This package understands that “in a trauma-informed system, trauma is viewed not as a single discrete event, but rather as a defining and organising experience that forms the core of an individuals identity. The far reaching impact and the attempts to cope with the aftermath of the traumatic experience, comes to define who the survivor is” (Harris & Fallot, 2002).

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