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Tracy lives for all things food, nutrition, health and wellbeing. Tracy endeavours to nurture connections, healing and sustainability of traditional lands, food systems, foods and cultural practices to create action and lasting understanding for whole of health and positive societal change. Since graduating university and founding Wattleseed Nutrition + Dietetics at the end of 2017, Tracy has fast emerged as a go-to speaker on all things food and nutrition-related health, notably traditional food systems, foods and security. 

Guest lecturer, Indigenous health, Indigenous nutrition, Traditional foods, Indigenous health and wellbeing
Guest Lecturer

Tracy offers a unique, holistic, strengths-based lens when delivering lectures on traditional food systems and foods and the nutritional health and wellbeing of First Nations Peoples of Australia. Driven by her passion to empower future health professionals to be positive change agents, Tracy emphasises the importance of working as interdisciplinary teams, fostering practitioner-client and community trust, respect and partnerships, practitioner self-reflection, cultural humility and culturally safe and responsive care.


Experienced guest speaker for team talks, community forums, to keynotes. With a drive to contribute to positive change and the self- determination of traditional food systems and nutritional health and wellbeing for First Nations Peoples of Australia, Tracy strives to connect, educate, inform, ignite and inspire audiences at all types of events so that they are empowered to take action.

Nutrition Coaching +

Whether you are managing a pre-existing health condition, looking for answers, or are sick of feeling blah, you are in the right place! Tracy will support you in self-determining your health and wellbeing. Understanding there is no one-size-fits-all approach, Tracy adopts a culturally-centred holistic approach when working with you to develop a plan to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. 


Tracy combines her passion for traditional foods and her knowledge earned during her Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics degree to support participants in hybridising traditional and modern-day ingredients, reconnecting and healing relationships with foods, re-establishing positive meal routines and optimising health and wellbeing.

Dietitian consultant, Indigenous nutrition resources, Indigenous research and development, Schools, Universities, Business, Organisations
Consultancy Services

Tracy can partner with you and provide great enthusiasm and energy along with the cultural and nutritional knowledge for corporate workshops, community workshops, research and development, traditional food and botanicals products, promotional events, website content and social media. Tracy will support you and your business, organisation, community group, university, students and/or school in achieving your nutrition, cultural and health and wellbeing aspirations and goals.

Press + Media

Tracy shares practical messages of health, wellbeing and vitality through regular media appearances. Tracy is a lively speaker, providing trustworthy, evidence-based and practical advice on all things nutrition, health, wellness, traditional food systems, traditional foods, food security and cooking

Indigenous dietitian, Indigenous nutritionist, traditional foods, bushfoods, traditional food systems, native foods, health and wellbeing
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Indigenous dietitian, Indigenous nutritionist, traditional foods, traditional food systems, native foods, health and wellbeing